For the first time in yonks  it was decided to race to the white cane mobs buoy  girl  floaty thing    Two races were held in fine weather the first race was won by someone as I wasn’t watching  The races consisted of 2 laps one up one down  with a real count down thingi  6 competitors  tried their best   but there can only be one   and in the second race that was ME   I know that for a fact couse  I took notice  the other poor buggars  came in sorta like in patches   in what order who cares  I won  end of story  some dissent’s suggested that I cheated  well for those poor  looser’s  that’s possible but  if you cross the line first that’s a winner  AN I WON   and as it was near tucka time it was suggested we retire to the far end for our usual BBQ  others wanted to race again but as I  had the cooker  an I was finished racing   AGAIN I WON   IT WAS A NICE BBQ    but eaten mostly in silence  ……..could have been cold ….or they were just hungry      all in all a brilliant time


first  RACE     SOMEONE 

SECOND  RACE      KERMIT LA FROG                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      SECOND  RACE  KERMIT LA FROG 

(had a problem with the broad line )


big bad Dave 

Dave junior 





WINNER  kermit