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DODGE  allow me to introduce the boat sinker AAK UNCLE G…  to you  Before your time we sailed (floaters)  quietly and unmolested  until   THIS DEVIL IN A BLUE SPEED BOAT  attempted to sink several of our defenceless 65s  but due to the fearless capstan Pete and others we stopped his mad attempt to put them in Davey’s jones locker  SINCE THEN   we through numbers and unity   have been able to sail in peace  but we are always on edge  S o you see  dear boy  wolf in sheep’s  clothing  is UNCLE G   I hope this  explains the  unfortunate position we are in  NOW AS A FOOT NOTE  he has started to invest money into a prominent person who controls the awards for best video   since this has started  no one and I repeat no one has won the award   need I say more ?  AS FOR BURNING SNAGS   no one but no one burns em better than me  I thank you for the complement