GENERAL CHIT CHAT (inc Buy & Sell) For Sale & Wanted For Sale A few planes for sale April 2022

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      Chris suggested that we could have a buy & sell day @ flying this Sunday (12-Dec) and it got me thinking that I really don’t need 16 planes.

      In fact I think I get more enjoyment out of building them & getting them flying first time than I do with future flights.

      There are a couple that I always like to fly but the rest are lucky to get airborne every few months so,

      here is a bit of a list of some that I would be prepared to sell if the price was right.

      Planes for Sale (Only one left)


      X-Vert VTOL plane (bind to Spektrum) $90 – inc FPV camera & Txr

      Includes another almost complete plane for spares

      I also have 1 only FY-41AP Flight stabiliser/Auto Pilot left @ $100.00 (this is the full blown version that supports Mission programming & Quadcopters)

      Grab yourself a bargain


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