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      Those that use it will notice that the authors of the Calendar app have done a major rewrite & update.  My first impression is I don’t like it but hopefully they will do a bit more tweaking (especially to the colours) over the coming days. If not  then I’ll see what I can alter in the editor as doesn’t fit well with our default site colours at present.

      I’ve asked Col to have a look & see if he can get it working better.

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      Yes Mike……..There is not enough space info in the day spaces.

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      Further examination confirms first impression………you could miss a fly-day amongst all this other stuff’ ….I may have already done so!

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      Thanks Col for getting the new Calendar function working again. No doubt the widget authors will still be fiddling for a while yet as with any new layout but at least its now usable.

      I guess the new format will grow on us, seems to be fully functional just different.

      It does have some nice features like just clicking on the calendar date (with the circle around it) to get a list of all events (if multiples on that day) for the day & their location etc.

      It also looks like different event types are all colour coded

      (no category assigned) (Green)

      Sailing (Light Blue)

      Flying (Dark Blue)

      So Ian, in hindsight it may be easier for you to spot flying days, just look for dark blue posts in the calendar.

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      That’s better, Mike…..if we are to be using colour-coding for events, no problem.  I’ll vote for Tuesday!

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      Unfortunately Ian, vehicular access to the flying fields has been closed off by the farmer until the grounds dry out & the sheep finish lambing.

      Once Kermit or Stephen inform me the ground is finally drying out I’ll contact the farmer to see if the lambing season is finished.

      The farmer has provided another field to fly in however it is pedestrian access only and with lots of trees etc around I don’t think it is suitable for many of our pilots.

      With that in mind it is probably unlikely that there will be any flying before mid to late August.

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      Now that the new updated calendar is performing much better I have added a couple of new categories (IOM’s, DF65/RG65, DF95) so that different type of events will show up colour coded.

      This is now easy to set up so if anyone wants a different category (or a different colour) for easier calendar viewing please let me know.

      Please note that Calendar display colours are directly related to the category you select and NOT the location.

      Flying is now RED

      General RC boating (scale powerboats etc) is now Mustard

      General RC sailing (no particular class) is now Blue

      DF/RG65 sailing is now Magenta

      DF95 sailing is now Purple

      IOM sailing is now Green

      RC vehicles is now Grey


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      Thanks Mike;  We’ll look out for some red. some day!

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      Our illustrious system programmer Col has been beavering away in the background tidying up and/or replacing some of the older plugins on the RCToysTasmania website so that is why you may notice a few changes.

      Overall the updates are looking very promising so don’t forget to say thanks to Col for all his hard work.

      Thanks Col.

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