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      GENTLEMEN   I believe its now time to reconsider the wearing of face mask whilst flying/sailing now that we’ve let the rest of the country in  to our paradise the bug has infected heaps and will continue to do so  You all know my feelings towards rules  but wearing face masks is perhaps going to slow it down a tad Were all bound sooner than later going to catch it but at least wearing the mask may give us a better shot at LATER then SOONER   Those of us that have respiratory problems  do face a more dangerous time than those that haven’t  but still were ALL old farts  (not so for uncle g )  so when ya get crook your gunna know about it big time   This bug is going to be with us for yonks I don’t want to wear a mask  but if I should get it at least I ( I  would find out fast ) shouldn’t pass it on wearing the bloody thing  So for now on I will be wearing one  sailing and flying  an I’m gunna hate it   PLEASE POST YOUR THOUGHTS  how do you feel about wearing the mask

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      I am happy to wear a mask Kermit.

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      In my considered opinion it is debatable just how much protection a face mask provides especially in an uncrowded outdoor environment. I think that it is more important to just stay away from flying/boating if/when you are crook with anything that may be spreadable eg Covid, Flu, Cold etc.

      If the consensus on the day is to wear a mask then I’ll wear one but given that you can’t eat/drink through a mask and given that we are probably closer to one another (even with social distancing – which we all know is rigorously practised at the field) at lunch time I personally don’t see the need.

      Given that the Govt rules are changing daily it may someday be mandated that masks must be worn both indoors & out. Time enough then methinks.

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      yep I agree but eating  etc  if your space is just then there isnt a problem  heres the kicker at the shack dunalley  I was told of a farm worker just up the road has covid he didnt know he had it and was feeling fine but all staff had to get tested then he found out   how long did he have it ? how many people has he passed it on to  you just dont know  so Im wearing one  since then two more at murdunna  have tested positive

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      Well I don’t really know

      We don’t live in each others pocket while flying and we sit well apart when not flying .

      The closest we get is at our B.B.Q when we don’t wear masks

      Depends on the majority vote

      Not real Keen

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      Mr Moose  Im not after a vote  just a thought about if you want to wear one  flying /sailing  as always its your choice just be aware of the person next to you  has he been as safe as you?  do you wish to take the risk  thats all ….No vote on doing it or not we dont want to stay home to be safe  so if we venture out for our sport /fun /think about how we can do it with minimal risk  I dont want to see you with the wheel chair mob  one foot in an one out or your hide stretched out for tanning

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      I agree with Predator, you couldn’t get any more fresh air than flying at the field. Then taking them off for the barbecue when everyone is at their closest doesn’t make sense?

      You are more likely to catch it at the supermarket or shopping.

      But everyone has the right to wear a mask if they want.


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      Gentlemen the plot has been lost…. ofcouse the field is a vast open space why would you wear a mask out there that isnt the issue the issue is closeness if a conversation is happening ……either a fair distance is applied  or simply flip on the mask  as for lunch again we do abide by the distance (space )  so no problem   but for those that feel that we should wear a mask at the BBQ I have devised a cunning plan we cut a letter opening slot into the mask that has a swinging lid  you lift open the lid to chuck in the tucka an it shuts leaving the mask safe once again YOU CAN BUY one or two at the TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  CAFETERIA  we are nearly finished the prototype mask for drinking with a straw  this has proved very difficult as to where to put the hole as some drink from the side of the mouth  others from the center  then there are others like the moose who just chuck their face in an lap it up   Now to be serious  this bug is an airborn bug thingi correct me if im wrong we all know the MR MOOSE  has a flatulence problem  right we’ve all been at some time down wind from the fur coat when he has passed wind or as we know it as  “dropping a clanger ”  so if he got covid  would that clanger kill sheep …….should he fly in a seperate paddock  ……………………….justsay’n

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        The Moose (like most bovine creatures) can probably burn holes in the ozone layer with his flatulence but unless Moose breathe through their butts I don’t think anyone is at risk of catching C from a fart. After all it is a respiratory condition

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      If any one feels like wearing a mask then do so it is a individuals choice.

      I will talk to Greg to see if I can have my own PRIVATE paddock

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        Thats OK Mr Moose, I will fly with you in your private field and we can flatulate together.

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          I will make sure I’m upwind of both of you!

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      I will be safe  I will be the one wearing a mask

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      I find it hard to breath with them but I follow the rules, outside with fresh air and wind and distance I think is the most logical thing we can do to stay safe…ps tried to stuff a sausage through a mask…dosn’t work all that well.  The most important thing is to make sure all our flyers are fully vaccinated, maybe show proof of vax on entry to the field to give us all piece of mind, I do not want to be around anyone who is not vaccinated and anyone who is not vaccinated are being selfish to others who have a compromised immune system so lets start a proof of vax register for our flyers asap.

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      Who Is going to police this proposal ?

      Non of us has the authority to demand  anything.

      I want no part  of this type of suggestion it will only lead to the demise of what is is a pleasant outing

      Introducing rules won’t work

      Instead of everyone suggesting different rules why don’t we discuss our so called problems as a group next time we fly

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        Well said Moose, It’s simple wear a mask if you want, stay away if unwell.

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          I thinketh the moose is takeing the micky out of me  with the police/ rule / etc nonsence  there isnt a  demand  to wear a mask  but a request from me to others to think of  how we now need to consider the well being of others like myself  and dave with serious lung conditions  I will be wearing a mask when in close to others  other than that out in the field I wont  so you see the request is to think how we now should operate with the growing threat that unless your still in the dark ages is comming  from 0- to  1400 since we opened the boarder  what’s tell ya  As before No rules  No police encorcement  just simple common sence for others…… and in the long run you  THIS NOTICE TO MEMBERS has done its job I think by getting us all to think what we should be thinking about and how in the future we do our thing  as for vax proof   that for me is to  much of an invasion of privacy  for me personally  if there are people unvaxed please consider wearing a mask like me ………………. so endth my rant and I thank you for your imput

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