RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Just a Heads Up re this weeks flying (Perpetual Post)

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      Perpetual Post

      Use each flying day when you cant decide on an exact Calendar Day/time

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      I know the majority wait with baited breath till the Moose makes a prediction re weather for flying but I’ll stick my neck out and say it looks like Thursday may be the best for flying this week.

      If that is too far away then just perhaps tomorrow (Monday) or Wednesday may be acceptable.

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      WELL WE had another bit of rain quite solid so the track will still be a wee tad slushie  the farmer had sheep in the flying poaddock  herding them into the   shearing shed so do we chance it being hard enough  or  err on the side of caution  ?

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        As the eyes on the ground (so to speak) I’ll leave that call  up to you.

        It’s probably a good idea to stay clear till the shearing is finished. I thought he told Hoppy that would be done by yesterday, guess it’s taking longer than expected.

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      Out of courtesy you should contact Greg before committing to flying. He told me he had an alternate spot for us which means going in through the Rifle Range rd 1st gate. I think the spot is the paddock we are now flying in but near the fence where we used to park. Ie other side of the old fence.

      There would be less chance of us churning up those tracks. So unlikely I will fly on Thursday.


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        I’ve messaged Greg so we’ll see what he has to say.

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          Heard nothing back at this stage so better give tomorrow (Monday) a miss just in case.

          I’ll try & get something sorted before Thursday.

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      i have just toddled around to the field  its dry enough but if it rains tonight i would say postpone

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        Not supposed to rain tonight or tomorrow but could be quite heavy on Tuesday again.

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      I had a call back from Greg today & at this stage he thinks he will be completed moving sheep in and out by Wednesday.

      We should be able to get back to flying (weather dependant) from Thursday onwards.

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