RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Perpetual Post re this weeks flying

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      Perpetual Post re this weeks flying

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      Just got a call from Greg to say he is closing off vehicle access to all his paddocks till they dry out (and also the sheep are lambing). Also NO IC engines till after lambing season as the farmer doesn’t want us scaring the sheep or new lambs.

      Until further notice we can fly in the paddock off Dorans Road however we will need to park on the roadway. There is an entry that’s short & easy to walk into the paddock on the RHS just after you turn into Dorans Rd off the Highway.

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      well thats intersting I will have to check that out Now I could ask the sinker to come out as well an we could do a short video of the site  ……just to get his confidence back……………………just say’n

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        I am willing to give you some video shooting tips anytime Kermit!

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      Dearest sinker  you seem to have jumped the track its not I that requires shooting tips or confidence building/restore /but you dear ol thing  isnt that the reason you didnt put a video up against clint?  I might check the new site out today  shall I ring an come an get you

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