GENERAL CHIT CHAT (inc Buy & Sell) For Sale & Wanted For Sale Planes for sale (Cheap to group members)

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      Kermit’s Bro John has numerous planes he wishes to dispose of & they are being offered at greatly discounted prices to RCToys Tas members.

      Here are the first few pics Kermit has supplied, they will be updated with more detail later.

      Apart from the yellow Cub (first Pic) all are unbuilt kits. All kits come with motor & prop.

      You can use this link to email Kermit if you require further details.

      RCT member price $100.00


      RCT member price $200


      RCT Member price $100


      RCT members price $150


      RCT members price $150


      RCT members price $200

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      I have a new set of photos that I will add later tonight

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      new photos have now been added

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