GENERAL CHIT CHAT (inc Buy & Sell) Recent Changes to the Website

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      You may notice a couple of recent changes to our website. Hopefully they won’t affect any members

      1) reCAPTCHA V3 – Due to the ever increasing spam that the Site Admin email address has been receiving of late (mostly from Russia)  reCAPTCHA V3 has been enabled to stop all the ScamBots and hopefully a lot of other rubbish. The filtering currently run on the Gmail address removes around 200 spam emails (mostly porn) DAILY but of late the SpamBots have been using our contact form to get through. This is difficult to filter without stopping a lot of legitimate mail as well.

      Presently the “Contact” heading in our main menu is only visible to logged in members but even that did not stop the SpamBots so hopefully reCAPTCHA V3 will.

      2) Log In. After a recent automatic update we ended up with two log in systems running in parallel. One logged you out when you left the site & the other allowed you to stay connected if you so desired. The original (Login) has now been disabled and replaced with the new (Log In). Please let me know if there are any problems.

      System Administrator – RCToysTasmania

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      Well Put Mike

      I had a problem and now after reading your comments I now understand

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