RC BOATING YACHTING Other Yachting This Weeks Winner

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      Uncle G did you get the account I sent you


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      This video is marked private  so we cant see it but why worry  we all know who won

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      What’s this?, a new scam?

      Do we have to pay money now to unlock the winner video?

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      YES PRED THIS IS NOW A PAY AWARD IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE WINNER   but as from past episodes  we all know who wins…. but lets have a guess ay   I say….. UNCLE G

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      WELL as predicted UNCLE G did bribe  win the covereted golden moose award  No surprises there  even though two others had outstanding videos THE presentation of the award is absolutely fabulous well done MR MOOSE  it deserves an award on its own  PERHAPS you can bribe yourself an get it ……………….just say’n

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      For once I have to agree with Kermit, You did a great job of the presentation video Mr. Moose.

      P.S. The money should be in your account now!

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      gettin close to kissin time for you two

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      Thank you Uncle G for your very kind   DONATION  In these troubled times it is much appreciated

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      DEAR MR MOOSE   you do not have to  go down this path   ( bribes for titles )  respect yourself man…..  I am prepared to set up a fund  “GO FUND THE FUR COAT ” on your behalf through TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL   you do have friends …….well not many BUT through TGFS  we can help think about it ……………ok

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      I have thought about it and I have made a decision                I will still accept donations

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        Moose, I have just put another donation into your account ready for today’s video’s

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      Of couse you have UNCLE G  out of curiosity  how much is the award worth  nowa days  ………….HAVE YOU NO SHAME MAN

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