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      AS promised I said next time we  go to the shack I will find our beloved leader an get an update on his well being  The reason we haven’t seen the boy was because he’s been in hospital with that dreaded disease covid  an yes it nearly got him to the air strip in the sky at the age of 89 his beloved child snatcher Mrs president  91  has been his carer  but this has proved to much so their son arranged for health care people to do what is necessary for them  to plod on THE royal Hobart folk pumped 20 lts of fluid out of his beer keg before he knew what they were up to so after the party they tapped into him and got a heap of liquid  out of  his lungs but because of the lost time with the party  it was touch an go more on the side of go  an I’m so happy to tell you all  he’s home recuperating an looking quite perky  he asked me to thank you all for thinking of him  an will be back to the field as soon as its possible as the terminator said…..    illlllll be back……   his words

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      Thank you Kermit for the update on the President.

      It’s good to hear he is back home and recuperating.

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      Get well soon Mr. President, we can’t stand too much more of your relief at the helm!


      P.S. Thanks for the update Kermit.

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      NOW isn’t that nice  I’m only performing my duties as our beloved president would want me to  an what I do is for the overall good of the members  I’m sure Mr president would be in favour of the compulsory save the green tree frog fee I’m about to impose  an from now on I would like to be referred to as MR PRESIDENT MK2   more to come later  .


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      Merci Monsieur 🐸, oops, Monsieur president Mk 2, for the the update on our great leader.

      It sounds like a very serious touch and go situation – all a bit of a worry.

      All the best to our real Mr President I hope you make a speedy recovery very soon 🙏

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      Good to hear our president is feeling better and well on the road to recovery.

      Maybe we should all go out and celebrate with a plate of frog legs. French style

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      geezus Andrew your just as bad as hoppy what’s wrong you you lot   you got French blood in ya .

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      Here is some good news for you Kermit. Apparently, an album of frog noises is outperforming some top artists in the ARIA awards…

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      doesn’t surprise me at all cobber even big bad Daves wheelchair makes better noise than that wrappers crap  but foggy sounds  arhhhh music to my ears

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