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ANOTHER FANTASTIC  FLOATERS DAY …. SHAME to see UNCLE  G  alone at the wheel chair mobs area  for most of the morning  but thankfully  scotty arrived to console him  an they played together ……….nice couple ….  good winds all day so sailing was a breeze   get that one  “was a breeze  ”    Georgie  showed the boys how to win……  the prize being to cook our tucka at days end she was so good at cooking were going to let her win next week   Sails were an issue today but fortunately I am a bit of a sail fella so with my help they were all blessed with kinks and creases  in the best part of the sails……  no problem …. we  need through this forum to thank georgie for cooking  UNCLE G for making us the only worthy boaters on the canal  lastly the floaters group for exciting raceing