RC BOATING SCALE BOATS Boating Scale Boats Electric Boating @ the Canal 19th Mar2022 – Where’s Kermit? Reply To: Boating @ the Canal 19th Mar2022 – Where’s Kermit?


YES  I TO WOULD LIKE TO ACKNOWLEDGE my thanks to gerald for his outstanding effort in making yet another outstanding video of really nothing much  ……..just kiddin    narh not really  One wonders why a grown man wants to film widdle putt putts going around an around on the water when he could be doing something rewarding like filming real boats from on the pontoon AS  UNCLE G  allured to ,  the pontoon was really packed as usual  so some of us took turns on leaving the group to make way for others wishing to sail hence he missed me   No big deal  A good day was had by all ……a great days sailing  PS  why no video ?  like others I to can forget to bring the camera