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Six boats sailed the canal without hinderance from the sinker and his apprentice ( fruity )   I think the numbers rattled them   Our newest member the honourable admiral Henry  sailed the canal with ease  and in his first canal race  came second to our cap’n pete  No one an I mean no one beats the master of the canal  perhaps a few lessons from TOP GUN SAILING  ACADEMY  will enhance the admirals knowledge  an thus be a fair challenger to our pete  LOW tide an most of the day there was no wind or just some  with most boats out of the water by 11.30 through frustration  MOO was well behaved  owing to his inability to run or at his age toddle due to getting over covid  thus the male joggers were left in peace  China decided to anchor on the other side for a few minutes then couldn’t raise the anchor so had to go get his boat  he did not and I repeat did not run aground  Andrew  arrived with a very nice looking yacht and an equally gorgeous wifey  and sailed superbly  (as you would expect from an aviator  )  georgie  showed the men how to sail  and along with the rest of the crew just enjoyed the day  ahhhhhhh ………………………..just sayn