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AN INTERESTING DAY SAILING  No visit from the Sinker today an No Fruity as well  great day so far   We were down on sailing mates today  One still crook One in Ireland One on the farm and numerous others like 20  doing important stuff    unlike the wheel chair mob that have to be out of their rooms by 7.30 so the carers can empty the bed pans an change the bedding   I noticed on the Sinkers site Fruity and his cohort the sinker portray us as not being on the Jetty sailing Donald Trump often says false news The sinker has adopted this tactic as well we sailed long before 10.30 so false news Now that the riff raft has been exposed I will get on with our fabulous days sailing  20 races were conducted today with the admiral winning quite a few of them along with andrew who also won a heap of em and our captain pugwash got one in too  Andrew was maneuvered onto the buoy/girl rope an stayed there for yonks through skill he managed to extract himself  it was I kermit la frog who placed him there as I think I heard him say he didn’t have any power so I put him out of harms way   He was in the lead at that time  but safety first  ay    all in all it was a good sailing day  ……………………………….just sayn