WHAT MAKES A CAPTAIN want to sink an A class yacht  well I dun know but the gentle giant tried twice on predators boat and mine without success  ….of course  His first sail since he returned from woop woop  an he takes on two of the states finest skippers   which  makes you wonder what was he smoking over there any way huge turn out  really huge  like maybe 50 skippers ….30 …would you believe 25  ……how about 9 an a seagull    The winds were moderate straight down the canal with a right turn at the wheel chair mobs spot   Predator an I  sailed the A class whilst the midships men sailed 95s and 65  our big boats easily sailed through the pack like a surgeon cutting through a lamb chop 🥩  the 95 and 65 boats had a hard time trying to bump us which they tried often but it was GG that upset predator first so predator simply hooked onto him an brought him ashore just to teach him a lesson …well he didn’t learn did he so after numerous bumps /cutting off/ he tried it on me so I skilfully brought him to heal  and returned him to the pontoon attached to my boat  after that he left us alone …wise move ..  No Bear today or Georgie or Pugwash ( they will be fined ) a note from their mum will be accepted  .after sailing it was as usual BBQ time with lots more bull shyting mostly from bad angel and china who is giving up his claim to aboriginal status  due to him being an  American ……so he says   Moo was quite for once possibly because his happy meds ran out  ?  Bad Angel was prepared to sell Moo some of his but the deal was he wanted Moo to step into his gumboots …(.Bad Angel is a knwe zeelander.)      baaa.. baaaa……Now that’s another story ……………………………………..just sayn