RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2024 April 4th Fly In Reply To: April 4th Fly In


I WAS INFORMED TODAY THAT A huge mistake had taken place last sail day at the BBQ  and that was the Gentle Giant  did not in fact say he loved small boobies  perhaps it was someone else he insists he doesnt like small boobies  nor any boobies for that matter  so on behalf of the floaters group we say SORRY  Gentle Giant I trust No more boobies like this happens again I believe we can now put the boobies back in their bras and move on ……. Moving on great day flying some participants did not turn up as expected and a note as to why they didn’t will be sent to them WICKEY was a pleasant surprise we all thought he was still in garzar l digging out terrorist with his 3D built dooozer   nice to have him back  also Ryan  the drone fella turned up but was unable to fly  because of a virus drone fever to be honest he shouldn’t even turned up he could have infected all of us  all in all a truly great nice day to fly