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It’s a great machine alright and yes the instructions were a bit ordinary. I was cautious at first as there was some negative comment online (Amazon site), particularly with the setup.  After I got it home and read everything I deduced that most people’s problems with the machine came from not being able to connect it to their network and that this was because some routers have two separate WiFi networks (one slow/one fast) your computer/phone/tablet will automatically connect to one of those and work just fine however the Brother DC200 setup cannot do this as it’s network is locked in at the setup stage.

After figuring this out I had no problems getting it up and running and it all worked perfectly.

Have not used the font converter however I have used Adobe Illustrator to design vector graphics and uploaded these to the cloud design site, made the cut file there and then downloaded and sent them to the machine. That worked great and I was very pleased as there is absolutely no limit to what you can do with this tool. Only limit is the size of the 12” x 12” cutting mat.

Your boat names look great Pred and I’ll post some reply pics when I have a completed sail.