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With regard to the Brother Design n Print Vinyl cutter, I found this handy hint online, tried it out today and it works a treat.

A lot of materials stick too well to the cutter mat and when you remove them often backing material remains which creates an uneven cutting surface and reduces the tackiness until eventually your material won’t stay in place.

The trick is to clean the surface with “Wet Ones” but you must use the #18 Antibacterial hand & face wipes and definitely NOT baby wipes (which contain baby oil which destroys the tackiness).

The antibacterial wipes quickly & easily remove all the debris from the cutting mat WITHOUT destroying the tacky surface, just clean & let dry and the tackiness returns.

There are numerous other suggestions online regarding what to clean your cutting mats with but most state that after cleaning all the tackiness is gone and you need to re tack with glue stick or similar.

I have only cleaned my mat twice so far but there is little or no difference to the tackiness using the antibacterial “Wet Ones” hand & face wipes.

Will update if anything changes down the track.