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Well today the weather was great and we had a huge turn up of pilots today @ The Farm.

There were 3 Bixler 3’s, a Bixler 2, an AXN Cloud Surfer, a Skipper, a Drifter (FPV), a powered glider (old school construction), a home brew trainer & the Grand Tundra along with an assortment of DJI Mavic & Phantom multi rotors.

Much flying was done by all and there were only two minor mishaps, Hoppy parked his Drifter in long grass several paddocks away & couldn’t get airborne again so had to endure the rather long “Walk of Shame” to hand launch it & Bro, after numerous successful flights with his Bix 3, ventured a bit close to “the tree” and is now parked there waiting for a big wind to dislodge him. Other than that the day went off pretty much without a hitch.

We had a BBQ lunch break around 1:00 pm before Moose & Kermit took their DF65’s for a sail in the farm dam while Hoppy buzzed them with his Skipper seaplane & Uncle G and Predator gave their Swampy’s a workout.

A bit of video from my Grand Tundra (fitted with twin HD cameras.

Bixler 2 Sport (Low & Fast)

Some other stuff from the Fly-In