THE music was perfect for today’s video  the reflection on the water of the yachts  was indeed a interesting sight  as was Mooose turning up to sail  although under the tutoring of the master mariner  Kermit la frog  he did manage several groundings  an several  near misses  but it was done with a smile  …………others not his    dear o’l Ron was missed today  he’s always the one to race against   because  you can always beat him so if your feeling down  race him  that will make ya better   works for me    LONG TALL was participating in the days fun with his black sails scaring our favourite  pelican from one end of the canal to the other  such a shame we  only see them rarely now a days  big bullie    BIG BAD DAVE  came for a sail and a bash and a BBQ  it was indeed a fine sight to see the yellow terror sail through the fleet making others swerve out of his way nothing but nothing stops the yellow terror  in its quest for clear water ……… his eyes tighten….. saliva runs down his chin  from his slightly open lips  indeed a frighting sight is our Dave  an then there was Predator as his name implies he can and did spin  a few boats around with his stern attack with superb skill  he sent two boats aground  others were scattered  its well worth watching  then its a quite low giggle and a sorry  ya can’t go crook at  the little fella   with that giggle    who else   ohhhh yea bad angel  with his very pretty blue an yellow Chinese  sumo  yacht an he did wrestle with it wobbling from side to side not knowing which side of the canal to beach its self on… in the end it was both sides    lastly me      I  sail’d with finesse as always   an that was a true recollection of todays sailing  so help me god