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Well after the “Splashdown” landing yesterday most of the electronics in the SkyClimber had stopped working due to water ingress.

Removed, dismantled & dried out the receiver and now that tests OK again on all 8 channels. It was amazing how much water was still trapped inside it, even after hanging up all night in an air conditioned room.

After seeing the amount of water inside the receiver I figured that the Auto Pilot would probably be in the same condition. After removing & dismantling it water was found inside but no where near as much as the receiver had.  It appears to have suffered no damage so after drying overnight while in pieces, I will re assemble & test in the morning.

The battery recharged OK after its dunking but not so the one from the Bix 2 that was parked in a tree all afternoon.  Admittedly it was the same battery that spent 3 weeks up a tree a few months ago and it has flown every session since without problems but this time one cell has failed. I’ll have a look at converting it to 2S or else its destined for the scrap bin.

Have ordered a couple more Floureon 2200mAh 3s 25c LiPo’s as the previous ones I had have worked great since Nov 2016 so getting close to 3 years old now & still giving their full 15 minutes of flight time