virtually no wind  excellent day  the two top sailors were there UNCLE G and his running mate PETE  WERE SELLING HOW TO SAIL TIPS FOR $10.00 AND the answers were another $10.00 Mooose  spent an absolute fortune on the question and answers session  it all stopped when the amour guard truck turned up  thank god  geeze ‘s hes gunna get it at home when Mrs Moooose finds out  someones bound to tell  but lets face it the boy needs ALL the help  he can get ay so whats a small fortune for valuable advice    even if its just to say turn on the power first   as you can see in the pics RON B  didn’t want to disturbed the penguin on the  Ron’s reef sign  (named because of him) SO HE Consistently WENT TO THE MUD FLATS THAT’S USUALLY MOOSE’S EXCLUSIVE  LAY UP  site  that’s so cool  ol pete was the first to leave us  at about 11.30 because no fun if the boats not moving then UNCLE G after taking his money from amour guard  left to get a pie   an we retired to the end of the canal for a magnificent BBQ organised by the  student chef Moooose  an he did a fair job for a wanta be sailor   an the day finished as usual with moooose removing his trousers once again for the sun  ………..so he says

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