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WHERE WERE THE THE SAILORS  Why they were sailing as all true hardy pond sailors do  you might be wondering why I started this story this way that’s because some of the pond contestants weren’t there  just because of a possible bit of wind an cold  weather tusk tusk  you who did not appear today have a mark against you  from now on until you all have Redeemed your selves  “will now be called girls”   so girls  pull your nickers up an turn up next week or the admiral will have stern words to pass on  (girly crying wont help  )  so now to tell you girls how our day went   Sunshine  burst from the overcast sky with a wisp of light air  to propel the pocket rockets to unbelievable speeds  if you were there you would have seen it yourself  opps sorry you weren’t were you  Races were tight  nerves were even tighter but with skill an a touch of luck some Won others preferred to lead from the rear  again  The admiral was firing today no longer is he the brides maid he is the groom  top dog the one oono moono the dragon slayer  Scary is the term for Justin  look out Pinky  next week you can stay home because this boys gunna whip your butt   my Padawan uncle g  was gracious today in allowing others to win the top honours  but I have cautioned the young one not to do this often lest they think their the new admiral  Now Geoffrey  the silent one  was pushing pushing even tried to push the fountain out of his way  damn good try  then the life line failed batterys dead  tis the way of the great to go down fighting  then theres me ol tail end charlie in this case paul  the question is what is this fine sailor doing with the likes of me why did he want my coveted spot   I like ya boy but this is my spot  move on   So the day finished with sunshine  a nice cup of earl grey tea and with the knowledge that we are men real men  no girls in our mob