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Its been a while since this post was updated but the cabin interior has now been designed, printed & installed.

With no plans of the original Chief Seattle Fire Boat (which Rescue 17 was modelled off) I had to work from the only decent interior pic I could find.

So with the pic in hand it was off to the 3D modelling software to try and recreate something similar. It was decided to design each panel separately then glue them together.

Certainly made printing a rather complex design much easier.

Below is the final design of all separate parts ready for printing

Of course there was the ships wheel as well which ended up connected to a servo and now operates with the rudder.

Below are actual pics of the printed & assembled interior

The whole interior is installed with just 2 screws & a 3D printed clip in design so removal for maintenance is very easy.

Only thing left now is to replace the temporary cardboard ceiling lining with a Styrene sheet one and fit the interior light fittings over the LEDs.

Here is a brief demo of the remote 8 channel lighting control system (https://youtu.be/2gOvQzanPjY)

and a test video from Lauderdale Canal