RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Fly-In @ “The Field” 11th February 2020 Reply To: Fly-In @ “The Field” 11th February 2020


Like WOW  what a knock out day  slight rain at times but practically no wind with a degree of turn on the wind sock, the breeze stayed constant …. afternoon sun  was the icing  on the cake  The ceiling was about 800ft  with patchy  lower clouds at about 500ft  so VFR was in force   The high light for me was UNCLE’Gs  paraglider  show at long last she was away just like some sugar babes we know  MR MOOSE  has a legit reason but the others ?  some how sugar baby’s isn’t the right words more like sooks. girls , the list is long an all of them apply  I am surprised that our beloved president wasn’t there but as the 2IC WAS there he held court on this fine bunch of bad ass pilots  Superb flying skill were on show as the newbee Mr Ricky showed off blatantly until his battery’s were exhausted   then it was our own home built predator showing the junior flyers how its done with several aircraft in flight at the same time  “amazing skills ”  then it was UNCLE G’s  time  to show how a X  TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  student fly’s this ace is no longer a novice  his  barrel rolls were perfect now if he could fly barrel rolls that would be neat but his overall flying skills are almost as good as mine  an that’s saying something  an lastly unlucky predators bro john  with several circuits completed a switch to return to home found him in the outfield trees  where one jumped up and knocked it  from the sky  not to much damage was done  so he flew it from the crash site to the cars with a victory roll over the top  nice to watch and skilfully flown  At days end we all could hold our heads high  for we were the bad ass flyers AN THE GIRLS STAYED HOME