Hope all are well and coping with this lock down. Not sure I am, normally one to stay in the back ground but to be told you have to is another thing. Have to, both of us can not afford to be exposed to it.

Well summer has well and truly gone and not a hull wet, oh well that’s the way it goes, to many other things in life to take care of.

But I did eventually sort out my battery storage situation. Most of my hobby batteries Li and Ni are stored in supposedly fire proof bags but I have not been happy with just that as they are stored in a room under the main roof of the house. Pretty hard to explain to my wife that we lost the house due to my hobby. Would not be the first to have to do so.

So all the batteries came out on the back table and I proceeded to test them. Forgot I had so many. The Li batteries were given a discharge test and then taken up to storage charge, most came through with flying colours but a few did not and were disposed of. Took a week or so to do but at least it gave me a reference to what I had. The big test for them will be in a boat to see their true condition.

The Ni packs were similarly tested and fully charged. About 20% of the packs failed and have been put aside to investigate each cell under load to see which are faulty. Interestingly the main ones that did not come up to scratch were the ones used as Tx power supplies. Not sure why, maybe the load is pretty low and they did not get exercise.

So all the batteries are in flame proof?? Bags and stored in a weather proof box away from the main house under cover. Not sure how it will go, they will be subject to more extremes in temperature and humidity than where they were before, so see what happens. I realise that grouping them altogether could be asking for trouble but if they all go up and damage nothing else but themselves I still have a house. Will just keep an eye on it.

The ones that are up for testing and those that past the test, interesting my very first Turnigy LSD 10+ years old came through with flying colours.

Cant seem to attach photos at the moment, will try later.

To be checked