RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Firstar EX “Raptor” refit Reply To: Firstar EX “Raptor” refit


All the iNav gear is installed & set up in the Raptor. I’ve programmed the Flight Modes to the 6 buttons on the front of the Jumper T16 and all seems to be working OK. Also used the switchable OSD function on one of the radio’s 3 position switches. Think I’ve now used up around 12 of the 16 radio channels available on the SBus connection.

There are a couple of dozen items that can be displayed on the OSD but it will take a few flights to see what is actually needed.

Here is a test video, it’s a bit dark as it was filmed inside and it’s rather wet and miserable again today so not a lot of light.

The OSD, in conjunction with the Mobius Mini works fine when the signal is received on the HawkEye FPV headset but the bottom of the pic gets cut off when recording on the Ground Station.

The RunCam 2 camera is even worse, doesn’t like the OSD overlay much at all.

If I use the SurveilZone FPV camera this does not happen but then I lose the onboard record facility

I may end up running 2 onboard cameras (as I have on the ASW28), one for FPV and the other just for in air record.

For the time being the Mini Mobius will do just fine.

Just designing & printing a new low profile Pan/Tilt gimbal to hopefully fit much lower onto the plane nose but still be able to tilt over the side and look straight down as well as forward etc.

Something else to keep me occupied till all this crap weather blows over!!