PEOPLE  please read this section as it has a warning  Anyone under 55 please do not look at the content on this video  naughty bits are in there   That done  lets get into the story  three sailors braved the weather to play in the rain wind and weed  YEP  weed   (not the smoking type ) you could almost walk across the canal  sailing was zigzaging constantly  other wise a trip to the pontoon was forced opon you  but with three boats only on the water  it was no biggie  kamikaze dave was one that couldnt return home and a slow drift into the bank was forced opon him  but as a true blue yachty fella he managed to get back out into the canal and sail home  a true sailing god   (no rescue boats for us ) CAP’N  Ron sailed his pink bits to perfection  only a few times did he find the dreaded weed on his rudder an keel The rain /drizzle forced us to retire our yachts from the canal at about 12  and after quite a while yackin ( mostly by kamikaze  DAVE )  we headed off  No BBQ  as the grass was soaking AN dave had lost his voice