RCToys Tasmania Membership

Website membership for RCToys Tasmania has changed from June 2023.

Full Membership

(available to Tasmanian Residents only) and including $20 Million Public Liability cover for all your various RC related activities within Tasmania.

– $20.00 per annum

(Please note that if you are a current (paid up) member of the MMACA or ANY of its affiliate clubs,

you do NOT need to pay the MMACA portion ($15.00) twice as insurance coverage extends across ALL MMACA affiliate clubs)

Associate Membership

(available to other than Tasmanian Residents) and NOT including Public Liability Insurance

– $5.00 per annum.

Full Website access (including forum & photo/video posting) is available to both Full & Associate members however as our Public Liability cover is supplied

through our affiliation with the MMACA (Model Makers & Collectors Association), cover is NOT available to residents outside of Tasmania.

It is proposed that as site membership increases the cost for Associate Membership (and the Website funding component of full membership)

will be reduced to simply cover the running costs involved.

You can apply for either Full or Associate membership of this site by clicking here but please read and understand the information above FIRST

RCToys Tasmania is NOT a profit making organisation, we simply need the website to be self funding, rather than a not insignificant cost to just a few members.