RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Predators First build for 2022 Reply To: Predators First build for 2022


I missed flying today as we were supposed to be going fishing but unfortunately it got cancelled at the last minute.

Rather than waste a day I decided to start building the TechPod. When I first looked at the build instructions they appeared to be lacking a lot of clarity, once assembly starts you soon realise just how bad they really are.

Anyway I’m in no hurry so just plodding along.

First part was to build the fuselage & its now coming along nicely.

The parts were identified & assembled without glue just to make sure it was right.

This is the “Wing Box” that holds the wing CF rod & also the CF tail boom

Now with the vertical brace & motor mount in place (still not glued)

Time to epoxy it all together

Then fit it to the EPO Foam fuselage & install the tail boom

Now waiting for the fibreglass reinforcing around the motor mount to cure before more assembly.

The fibreglass reinforcing for the motor mount has now been installed and the tail boom epoxied in place. Next job is to fit the T Tail tail plane/rudder/elevator however I have found some upgrades online consisting of some 3D printed parts that allow for easy assembly/removal of the tailplane assembly so I have downloaded the files & will print the 3 parts tomorrow and see how it all goes together before simply epoxying the assembly in place.