RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Predators First build for 2022 Reply To: Predators First build for 2022


Unfortunately the motor I was hoping to use won’t fit & all the other spares I have are either not powerful enough or have the mounting on the wrong end & are not reversible.

To that end I have at least made the adaptor plate to fit modern motors to the mount in the TechPod (which has wider spacing) & have ordered an appropriate motor capable of spinning a 12″ prop @ < 30 amps. The specified E-Flite Power 10 was around $130.00, the cheapie I got from Banggood was over $100.00 less.

Managed to find enough new or used servos (6 required) in my various stashes so now the elevator & rudder are fully functional and the Wing build is under way.

The wing needs some very slight mods to fit standard 9gm servos as they are just a wee bit taller than the specified Hitech ones (but a hell of a lot cheaper.

The left wing has been modified to fit the servos & now just need to extend the servo wires by a metre or so then the wing can be assembled.


I won’t glue the pod together until the motor arrives & is installed but at least the wings can be completed and decorated appropriately.

A great way to pass a couple of rainy days !!