RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 A perfect Thursday fly Reply To: A perfect Thursday fly


Yes Chris, no doubt my run of good luck with the 2022 GMA’s (3 in a row-WOW) will come to a sudden end once Kermit & Gerald return with their cameras to the Field.

Glad you got your Drifter back in airborne condition in such short time.

I have almost completed repairs to the Bix 2 Sport after its minor altercation. The nose has been glued back on (nice clean break) so all I need to do now is re heatshrink the ESC and reinstall it then make a new glass for the cockpit and she should be good to fly again.

There was a small hole in the nose that’s now been filled with gorilla glue (just waiting for it to foam & set before trimming) hence the green tape.