RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 A perfect Thursday fly

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      The weather today was perfect and even Scottie turned up. I think I had the worst crash of the day flying my Drifter through trees. The FPV video signal disappears when its behind the trees and I clipped a branch just in the second or so it goes. Here is the onboard footage:



      And here is my Eyas, this flies so much easier than the Drifter.



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      I’m sure you will fix it to fly again Chris.

      Yes it sure was another perfect day you picked, Hope Sunday is the same.

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      I thought I was early arriving at the field today @ 9:30 but there was big bad DaveW waiting at the gate for me.  Its been a rather long time since Dave has graced us with his presence @ the field due to some ongoing medical issues but the way he flew today you would swear he had been in attendance every week.

      I gave Dave a hand to program his new Jumper T16 radio to his Razor (well in fact we just replaced his Rx with a spare we had programmed earlier and apart from needing to reverse the elevator all else was fine) and he was off and flying like an old pro, well done Dave.

      I was anxious to test the V2 of my “Dolly Trolley” on the 3 metre FMS Fox glider.  Didn’t need to wait long for it to prove that the design worked. On my first launch, instead of using the slashed runway I opted to take off through the long grass. This caused two problems, 1) it significantly slowed the trolley down and 2) as I took off the prop struck the long grass so I aborted the launch.  The pop up ramps on the V2 trolley saved the tail from being ripped off (yet again) and the Fox landed back in the long grass completely unscathed.

      For the second launch I used our slashed runway and all worked fine.

      Here is a video of the second launch & flight in it’s entirety.

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        Mike, the patch cloud in the background in your “Around the field” video was a nice effect for the planes flying around.

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      Great design Pred. And now we have Pred YT “shorts”. Well done.

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        Ah well Tug, they say a change is as good as a rest, and I at least make some minor effort to change things from one year to the next.

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      Its Judgement time and the award goes

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      yep i liked the bix flight  congrats  predator  on a fine win

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        Thank you Mr Kermit.

        Did you finish the shack ?

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          yep the stairs are done  other works will be done over the next few months  i put the new spot lights in an wow   all minor stuff to do now  went to the hanger an turned the prop  still good  but the paddock has high grass on it…. if we fly there we will need to cut a strip

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            So I guess you will be joining us @ the Field on Sunday then eh?

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      My Drifter is repaired and ready to fly again on Sunday. I had a spare wing from my original Drifter so used that although its a clean break on yesterdays wing so is easily repairable with hot glue. I hope we have more videographers on Sunday to challenge Predators run for the 2022 end of year GMA.

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        Yes Chris, no doubt my run of good luck with the 2022 GMA’s (3 in a row-WOW) will come to a sudden end once Kermit & Gerald return with their cameras to the Field.

        Glad you got your Drifter back in airborne condition in such short time.

        I have almost completed repairs to the Bix 2 Sport after its minor altercation. The nose has been glued back on (nice clean break) so all I need to do now is re heatshrink the ESC and reinstall it then make a new glass for the cockpit and she should be good to fly again.

        There was a small hole in the nose that’s now been filled with gorilla glue (just waiting for it to foam & set before trimming) hence the green tape.

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      Kermit bring the wind sock you don’t have to stay

      Gosh it was a great day on Thursday

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        why you woolly mud encrusted bow legged Moose ………. just for that I will stay an also under the car cover we will be except for  guess who ……………starts with M

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      We dont need a windsock any more; we have Dave. See 21 seconds into Predators around the field vid. Better than a windsock!

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