RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Saturday Fly-In @ the Field 26-03-2022 Reply To: Saturday Fly-In @ the Field 26-03-2022


The drought  has broken  yeahhhhhh    I WOULD LIKE TO THANK   my parents  my wife and our two wonderful girls  for this may never have happened if i hadn’t on one sunny day  meet that wonderful wolley warm fur coat THE MR MOOSE on the floating pontoon at lauderdale so Many years ago  and who encouraged me to persue  my love of video ultimately to this tremendous outcome we have today  MY condolences to the other contestants  worthy as they were just not up to the high standards required by the MR MOOSE  as demonstrated by the G.M.A   award to me ME ME ME  Thank you oh mighty leader of fur coats  kissie kissie