RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Saturday Fly-In @ the Field 26-03-2022

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      Mr Moose definitely had his Weather Guru hat on this week as he picked yet another perfect flying day at the Field.

      No wind & a balmy 24degrees to boot was savoured by all those that attended & there was another good turn up today.

      Our illustrious President Ian once again graced us with his presence @ the field after having some time out of flying after attempting to remove his hand with the prop of a runaway plane on his test bench. Took 4 days in hospital to put him back together, I guess you wont be trying that again any time soon Mr President.

      Not a lot more can be said about today, everyone (except Ian) flew and flew well and apart from Kermit having some issues with his Phantom quad copter (when trying a parachute drop with his little mate) I don’t think there were any issues today.

      As is usually the case, Kermit once again provided the sun shelter for us all with his roll out awning and also provided the tasty BBQ for lunch. Well done again little Frog.


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      Your weather god says

      What more would you expect

      After another late night

      G.M.A to follow

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        i like the stearman video nice

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      Another great pick with the weather Moose.

      A little video from me, (posted at a respectable time)

      In 4k to test out the computer.


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        Not too shabby Gerald, unfortunately I cant view 4K50 on my poor old PC can barely stream 4K25  but at 1080P50  it looks pretty good.

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          Yes, I’ll check it out on the TV tomorrow.

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          WHAT A SURPERB VIDEO  UNCLE G   very nice indeed  loved it   regards your friend kermit la frog

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        UNCLE G was that in reference to my late video  ?  IF so that hurt  here I try to put a video out just for you well almost just for you and I have computer crashes that terminates my video in production an I have to start over again x3 but I persist……..  just for you  not for the possible GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD …. NO just for the likes of you an all I get is  hurt mail  from my bestest mate  …….sad  real sad

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      very nice Uncle G



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        Yet another quality video from Toad Hall Productions, thanks Kermit.

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      A deserving winner indeed

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      The drought  has broken  yeahhhhhh    I WOULD LIKE TO THANK   my parents  my wife and our two wonderful girls  for this may never have happened if i hadn’t on one sunny day  meet that wonderful wolley warm fur coat THE MR MOOSE on the floating pontoon at lauderdale so Many years ago  and who encouraged me to persue  my love of video ultimately to this tremendous outcome we have today  MY condolences to the other contestants  worthy as they were just not up to the high standards required by the MR MOOSE  as demonstrated by the G.M.A   award to me ME ME ME  Thank you oh mighty leader of fur coats  kissie kissie

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        Your video from yesterday was great and deserving of this weeks GMA however that acceptance speech was on another level entirely.

        It should stand you in good stead for at least another couple of GMA’s over the course of the next millennium.

        How much did your speech writer charge ?  What ever it was it was way too much !!

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        Well done Kermit, congratulations, but can we have the short acceptance speech next time?

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          ofcouse UNCLE G  next weeks presentation I   will shorten it   that is unless the fur coat decides to give you what he owes you  FOR THE GIFTS

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      Uncle G

      forget that Kermit won

      After all the presents yesterday you are still my best friend

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        Thank you Moose, Yes they were “presents” not bribes as some one else is insinuating.

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      MY DEAR LOOSER  UNCLE G   yes it was noted that you plyed numerous amounts of gifts to the fur coat  but did you win the covereted G.M.A …… NOPE  MAY I SUGGEST AS A WINNER  that you just keep practiceing with your camera an some day  just someday you to will reach the brillianly high standard I have achieved an then dear boy you might get the reward for excellence  like little ol me ….WINNER  WINNER   WINNER 

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      MY DEAR BELOVED MR MOOSE  how can uncle g forget that you have forsaken him in favour ofME  He gave you such wonderful gifts  an yet you tossed him to the rubbish bin as you would rubbish ….if i were UNCLE G  right now  its hurt that would be affecting me  along with the knowledge /promise of the G.M.A  that wasnt delivered  BUT  thats life    …..

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      uncle G

      Watched your vid on the tv very nice indeed nice vivid colours

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