RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Yet another for Kermit’s fleet Reply To: Yet another for Kermit’s fleet


You don’t need diapers, just a bucket, shovel & broom !!

Now all we need is Mr Moose to find us a nice flying day.

Having a few days of less than perfect weather has gotten me out of the garden maintenance and back onto some RC repairs.

The warranty replacement ESC for my Excalibur V2 turned up from Europe today so I have now been able to put the Grand Tundra back together (pinched the ESC out of it while waiting for the warranty replacement one from HK).

I’ve also taken the 17×8 GT prop off the Super Chipmunk and put it back on the GT and put the 16×8 GT prop onto the Super Chipmunk. It has always flown well with the GT 17×8 prop so if the smaller one is no good I’ll just have to buy another 17×8 for it.

The new 4S 2200mAh 40C battery turned up as well yesterday so I now have two 4S batteries for the Excalibur.

Also did a bit of fine tuning on the BumbleBee to get her flying nicely again and am just doing some minor repairs to the Sky Shadow wing after a hard landing a couple of weeks ago.

If the weather doesn’t improve I may even get back into the Tech Pod build and try to finish that as well.

A busy few days