RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Yet another for Kermit’s fleet

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      Not so much a build but more a fit out for another of Kermit’s menagerie

      The Frog had asked if I could fit up and program the radio & stabiliser in a plane that has spent the past many months suspended form his ceiling (pretending to fly eh Kermit)

      All control surfaces had been set up and the motor & esc installed so it was a simple matter to fit a 3D printed floor in the cabin to install the RadioMaster R168 Rx and Sparrow V1 Stabiliser, connect up a few wires and program the Taranis QX7 appropriately.

      The only two issues I had were

      1) getting a GPS lock (it just would not lock sitting in the driveway), then I finally remembered the old Blade 350QX quadcopters had the same issue – reo in the driveway. Once I picked the plane up the GPS locked immediately & setting up could continue.

      2) getting the level calibration to work. This turned out to be the same issue as the ZOHD Kopilots have, you need 100% throw on the sticks to get into calibrate mode. Rather than reprogram the radio after getting all the control travels just right distance & direction I simply added a spare switch into the mix to give 100% throw and in the correct direction to set the level calibration.

      I’ve left the switch programmed till after the maiden flight then it will be deleted as it reverses a couple of channels as well as increasing the throws, not something you want to switch when flying eh.

      While I was at it, given (as we all know) the propensity for Kermit to forget which radio goes with what plane & what profile fits what plane once he has the correct radio I’ve added a couple of logos that should sort out all his problems.

      Wing Name matches the profile & Wing Rego Number matches the radio. Simple really.

      The wing name was a rework of the old “PLAYBOY” logo with a more appropriate “Rabbit” added for Kermit. (I tried a frog but it didn’t look as good as the BAAD Rabbitt)

      Now hopefully it will fly OK and not like my previous maiden with Moose’s Decathlon.


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      A nice tidy bit of work there Mike.

      I’m sure Kermit will be very satisfied with it.

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      Im over the moon robo rob  what a fantastic job the logo simply brillant I WILL BE SOOOOOO shaky  on the day I think a spare of diapers will be in the car along with hankerchiefs if things go south……….. Thank you once again MR  PREDATOR SIR ….ABSOLUTELY  FANTASTIC

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        Two planes to maiden Kermit, can’t wait!

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      OOPS     MAKE THAT 2 DIAPERS IN THE CAR   your a stirrin bugger UNCLE G

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        You don’t need diapers, just a bucket, shovel & broom !!

        Now all we need is Mr Moose to find us a nice flying day.

        Having a few days of less than perfect weather has gotten me out of the garden maintenance and back onto some RC repairs.

        The warranty replacement ESC for my Excalibur V2 turned up from Europe today so I have now been able to put the Grand Tundra back together (pinched the ESC out of it while waiting for the warranty replacement one from HK).

        I’ve also taken the 17×8 GT prop off the Super Chipmunk and put it back on the GT and put the 16×8 GT prop onto the Super Chipmunk. It has always flown well with the GT 17×8 prop so if the smaller one is no good I’ll just have to buy another 17×8 for it.

        The new 4S 2200mAh 40C battery turned up as well yesterday so I now have two 4S batteries for the Excalibur.

        Also did a bit of fine tuning on the BumbleBee to get her flying nicely again and am just doing some minor repairs to the Sky Shadow wing after a hard landing a couple of weeks ago.

        If the weather doesn’t improve I may even get back into the Tech Pod build and try to finish that as well.

        A busy few days

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          I have a 14×7 you can have  if thats any good

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            Thanks Kermit but that would be way too small.

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      GOD another stirrer  LETS have faith people…………………….   makes it 3 diapers

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      Remember me? That plane looks like a Wilga. I just got back from a 2 day sail in a friends 38ft sloop. Flew my Mavic Mini from the boat whilst at anchor. It was hot so Im not wearing much, so be warned.



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        Nice bit of video there Chris, the slow pan turns out so much better with almost no motion blur.

        Seem that you are enjoying yourself so I guess you’ll be staying a bit longer and it could be a while before we see you at the field again?.

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      Stay  there dear boy with videos like this one we wont get a foot in  with the G.M.A  an yep cobber it is a wilga NOW THERE IS A LITTLE REQUEST FROM THE MR MOOSE  he wants to see the red light district no mangirl things just the real thing  ok he said you owe him   could be a GMA coming your way ?

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      It looks like paradise Chris. A great video.

      With winter coming on here, you probably would stay a bit longer eh?

      Keep safe.

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      nice job Mike

      Setting up a plane  for  Kermit must feel like going back to kindergarten trying to teach someone on their first day.

      What a challenge you face Mike I feel sorry for you

      Frogs have a very small brain why else would they live in a slimy puddle

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      Nice vid Hoppy

      Does every body own a motor bike and a boat

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        BOY ARE YOU GUNNA BE IN TROUBLE FUR COAT  you sayn the dragon lives in a “SLIMY PUDDLE ” Now if the G.M.A . is given to little ol me next up then the dragon wont see your remark  an you will be safe ……………………….just say’n

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      Im in the running for the GMA Best Foreign film category. Yes too many motor bikes, boats etc. Im getting a Yamaha 155 scooter for short trips. Got a Chevvy SUV for longer trips. Am about to sell my X Trail in case anyone wants a car that can fit in a lot of models!

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