RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Predators First build for 2022 Reply To: Predators First build for 2022


I was hoping for a TechPod maiden tomorrow (Tuesday 10-05-2022) but it looks like I’m going to run out of time to complete the GoPro camera & battery installation.

Ailerons & Flaps are now connected to their servos & all tested and functioning correctly.

The other side of the Pod is now in place as are the hatches etc. The damn thing seems to grow bigger every time I work on it !!

With the GoPro 9 and 3s 2200mAh battery installed forward in the nose pod the CoG seems about right.

Just making a temporary ply mount for the camera and battery as the camera needs to be slid back to switch it on and off so I’ll mount the flight battery on the same tray (at least for the first test flight or two).

I also checked that the plane (all 2.6metres of it) will fit in the Outback without removing the wings, because of the short tail boom it fits easily with plenty of room for other models.

Today I also added a bit of colour to the lower wing area to hopefully make it more visible against the clouds

I’ve covered the downward facing camera window with reinforcing tape as it currently not in use and I need to see how the plane lands. I suspect a couple of skids may need to be fitted as there appears to be nothing in the design to protect the lower window when belly landing.

Now to finish the forward facing GoPro 9 camera/battery tray and somehow make it secure in the pod.