RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Predators First build for 2022 Reply To: Predators First build for 2022


Just a quick update.

After a fairly uneventful maiden flight yesterday (Tuesday 10-05-2022), apart from flying the first half in manual mode instead of activating the FC, I have made a couple of minor programming changes to the iNav flight controller (FC)

1) adjusted the FC board Roll alignment by 2.5 degrees so that the plane will actually fly flat. The auto tune had adjusted the ailerons to compensate yesterday so these have also been reset.

2) adjusted the FC board Pitch alignment pitch by 4 degrees which should help with level flight in manual mode. Once again the auto tune adjusted the elevator to compensate yesterday so this has also been reset.

3) reversed the rudder throw in the FC output for correct operation.

It was obvious from pre-flight checks yesterday that the rudder control was reversed but as this is not controlled to any great extent by the FC,  just used the rudder stick in reverse when needed for testing.

May try angling the GoPro camera down slightly next flight to get a bit more ground coverage & a bit less sky !!