RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 A fine day of flying @ the field today. Reply To: A fine day of flying @ the field today.


I had three computer crashes so  the vid goes to the last saved vid section an if as I do …you forget to save em ha back to the last one .. oh hum .. Now it is true I did in fact have multiple interesting  landings …. it was all done for top gun flight school  video section for how to handle landings before you want to land   so all the landings you see that weren’t landings in the true sense of the word they were and are  for historical archival purposes  as for repair of said aircraft  no more than half hour had  them all ready for further  flights  for student leaning  STOP PRESS    all voters who vote for MY video will get a free flight to Indonesia  SUBIC BAY free accommodation lovely beach  to swim or perve  sailing on a catamaran   and free drone lessons  just for your vote    so what are you waiting for   VOTE.. ONLY THREE