RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 A fine day of flying @ the field today.

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      It was a sunny 16 degrees with only a moderate breeze & no rain. There was only a small group of 3 today. Kermit, Gerald & me but we had a whale of a time (well except Kermit).

      The poor little frog managed to disable all 3 of his planes today so then had to resort to chasing us with his video camera, he did however provide a sumptuous BBQ lunch for us so all is forgiven.

      Gerald was maidening his fully 3D printed Piper Cub that he recently built & as you will (hopefully) see in the video it flew magnificently and even managed a perfect landing on 3D printed undercarriage, wheels & even tyres. Well done Gerald.

      I had another go at piloting my V22 Osprey VTOL plane & today I made sure there were no landings with the wind !!.

      Also maidened my Hyperbipe which flew very well but I need to dial back the control throws a bit just to make it a bit less twitchy, well at least till I master flying it 3D mode.

      Several videos will be up eventually as all 3 of us had the handicams out & about today.

      With this third video I think I have finally found how to get rid of the annoying wind noise in the camera microphone. It’s still not perfect but far better than what we were getting even with the shotgun mic’s & deadcat windsocks

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      A much better day for flying today.

      Just a short video from me.

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        Very enjoyable video Kermit!

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          THANK YOU my bestest mate cobber I loved yours to …………………NARH JUST KIDD’N

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      Trying a new GMA voting program this week. No idea if it will work or not but the timer to the start of voting at 10:00pm Local time is now counting down and voting should be live for 48 hours from 10:00pm tonight.

      It doesn’t need linking to the actual videos so if you are late posting (as I will be) it just means less time for your vid to collect votes. We will see how it works.

      Looks like Kermit is running late as well & he can’t blame 4K processing for his delay, probably busy repairing today’s carnage.

      I have included Hoppy as he generally puts up something as our Foreign Correspondent.

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        Another quality video from Toad Hall productions. Maybe it had something to do with you running out of planes to fly but you certainly did capture what was happening around the field.

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      No footage from me this week as had a week of rain due to a nearby super typhoon.  I want one of those Ospreys, looks great. We have so many full size ones flying around here. Be good to see footage with the camera facing towards the  tilt rotors to see them moving in flight.

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      I had three computer crashes so  the vid goes to the last saved vid section an if as I do …you forget to save em ha back to the last one .. oh hum .. Now it is true I did in fact have multiple interesting  landings …. it was all done for top gun flight school  video section for how to handle landings before you want to land   so all the landings you see that weren’t landings in the true sense of the word they were and are  for historical archival purposes  as for repair of said aircraft  no more than half hour had  them all ready for further  flights  for student leaning  STOP PRESS    all voters who vote for MY video will get a free flight to Indonesia  SUBIC BAY free accommodation lovely beach  to swim or perve  sailing on a catamaran   and free drone lessons  just for your vote    so what are you waiting for   VOTE.. ONLY THREE

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        What landings, I didn’t see you land once.

        Not a good ad for the TGFS?

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          MY DEAREST COBBER  I need to reply to your statement  regarding landings  the purpose of non landings was for student training  video I’m producing  for TGFS  as this is now completed  next fly will be for me  ok best mate

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      The yellow Cub was great but I could not see if it had wing struts? its not a cub without the struts. I like Kermits soft focus video but where are the Ooops shots? They are the only part I usually watch. But I did like the frog chorus sound track so my vote could be swayed.

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        NOW THAT HURTS MR HOPPY  I sit here on me widdle seat elbows on the table hours on end looking into the computer screen editing the video for your enjoyment hoping that its good enough for your vote  only to learn your only interested in the ooooops moments that’s sad boy  even the sinker looks at my videos  not that that’s any recommendation  but still  …..oh well  next we fly I’ll be back to form with the oops moments ………  happy now

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      just voted an iv got two votes  just two flamin votes…  good god you bunch of girls … Don’t know how to vote  Go to the top  of the page far right that’s the side you lift your dresses on    press on the voting page sign  yes that’s what it says  an lordie lord  its got peoples names on it   Now this parts real hard some of you wont make it …narh most of yus wont  Do you remember whos video you liked the most  ….yes  thats right kermits video  just  use your pinki and press Kermit’s video  THATS IT   ……………………………………………flamin pussies

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      Here is the link to the 3D printed “Cub” (without wing struts) for anyone (not Kermit) who wants to build one.

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        Thanks Gerald.

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        ya know best mate  a whole fleet of green ones would be perfect easy to see warm an fuzzy colour  an every one loves green ………………………..                                         just say’n

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          Sorry mate, Cub’s must be yellow not green.

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      Sorry best mate  but you always need to think outside the box otherwise you will be just like sheep  …yellow narh  green  yep

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      Great videos gang.

      Gerald, I love the 3D printed Piper Cub and wish I was there to see it fly.

      The closest I’ve been to planes on this trip is one we saw at West Wylong:



      And here is a video of a plane (of sorts):


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        Thanks Ron, I was surprised just how well the Cub did fly on its first outing. Very happy so far.


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        We miss you @ flying, when are you heading home?

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        LOVE  HEIDI    cute

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      Only 2 1/2 hours left for the GMA voting this week & I just discovered it is currently a draw between Uncle G & Kermit so I guess one or both of you need to chase up a couple more votes.

      Makes a difference when you can only vote once eh ?

      Changing devices or IP addresses to squeeze in an extra vote or two wont work any more with this new system.

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      The results are in and for the first time in he history of the GMA’s we have a tie.

      Congratulations to Kermit & Uncle G.

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        Thanks’ Mike, it’s an honour to share the prize money with my new best friend Kermit!

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      WWWWHAT …WHAT . THE SINKER got 50 percent of the vote  WHY  two minutes long there abouts  an a title to match  ”ONLY THREE  ”     My god people  that shoulda told ya its not worth 50 percent   well that’s it No more interesting video from me  Now  I’m only gunna film sheep head down bums up  an I should win the GMA by a paddock  SOOO  all those people who voted for me please send your address to me so I can send your tickets  to  you  when you arrive there   HOPPY WILL MEET YOU

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        I voted for you cobber, I really liked your video.

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      Well you shouldn’t feel too bad with 50%.

      After spending hundreds of hours working out how to drive the new video editor & countless time removing all the wind noise from the footage, what did I get?

      Zilch, didn’t even get my vote cos I gave mine to you Mr Frog, then found out I couldn’t vote twice with the new polling system so stop your belly-aching.


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      oh  dear  now I feel bad    you wanna come film some sheep with me   thank you  for your vote  it possibly made the difference    Next time mine will go to you  save time call it  …..sheep eating grass    sure winner

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      MR SINKER I gave you my vote  only because it was so lacking in every thing I figured your gunna need my help should give you at least one vote but others thought the same thing I guess  an there’s MR PREDATOR  like me slavin away on the computer an for what  …ziltch nunna nuttin  makes ya think …is there a god  oh well

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        Kermit, Rember the old saying, it not the size but the quality.

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      DEAREST SECOND WINNER /  QUALITY I agree………… so how come you came joint winner ?               ……just say’n

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      When do I get paid Gerald😀😀

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        Aren’t you Kermit’s protector, you will probably shoot me out of the water on Saturday, so why would I pay you?

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      I thought you might want my vote again

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      ARH HA  SO THE SINKER  bribes people to vote for him   an he doesn’t even do the honourable thing an pay  tusk tusk well wicky  a vote for me is a vote for quality / professionalism   and I pay cash ……….JUST SAY’N

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      Well it  was tough to decide between the videos and a historic draw is apt. Seeing as both winners are BFF, in line of sight, flying range of each other and with their own private airstrips maybe you can have the award for 2 days then fly it over and drop it on the other airstrip and repeat back every couple of days.

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      THANK THE GODS for hoppy   I recon that’s a fantastic idea  fly over an drop it on his house  …….Im going to look for a brick right now

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        I feel safe, as you will have to find a plane that can actually fly and not crash!

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      ohhhhh that’s cruel ……………………but accurate

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      Kermit, do you know about this?

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      I will neither confirm or deny that that is a brick from our house……………………………….can I have it back ?

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