RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Yet another Tuesday Fly-In @ the Field Reply To: Yet another Tuesday Fly-In @ the Field


ALRIGHT YOU WANNA BE FLYERS  its now on post your vote  its OK for everyone even the wheelchair mob to vote  if you like the video presented   go to the top of the page right hand side an click on the voting sign  an then do it  yep press kermits video  then press Vote, soooo easy  the SINKER will try bribery for your vote  the PREDATOR  will try to persuade you with love kindness  good will   I on the other hand know where you live  an I have my brick back …SAY NO MORE …AN LASTLY WE HAVE OUR FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT  hoppy  if you don’t give him your vote expect your computer to go BANG  so there ya have it  ……..BRIBE : KIDNESS: BRICK : BANG ….YOUR CHOICE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just sayn