RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Yet another Tuesday Fly-In @ the Field

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      It was a balmy spring day @ the field today, 17 degrees, no rain & no wind.

      There were only 4 of us in attendance today, Kermit, Gerald, Ricky & yours truly & we all got some good flying in, even Kermit, who got off to a bad start with his Cloud Surfer, managed a couple of good flights with his Cub, till he ripped the wheels off.

      Ricky lost the wing off Limbo Dancer when the rubber bands failed but luckily no significant damage was done when the fuse & wing landed separately @ different ends of the field.

      At least his Heron Glider flew very nicely.

      Both Gerald & I got away incident free today.

      Once I got the V22 Osprey back on the workbench the gremlin that was stopping it flying today was quickly sorted & it is ready for our next outing.

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      Glad you had no wind as here in Philippines there was a super typhoon (equivalent to a Cat 5 hurricane). Being a good skipper I left my wife home alone and went to my boat all night. Around midnight it was 40 to 50kts gusts on the boat with a lot of rain. So no drone footage today but here is brief clip from my phone. My boat had no damage but my phone got rain in it from taking this video which then puffed up the battery. Anyway phone now fixed with a new battery and glue.



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        WOW WHAT A NIGHT  reminds me of most nights in bed with the dragon

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      A short one from today,

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        Well done Mr Frog, another fine production from Toad Hall.

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          an the same to you MR PREDATOR SIR

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      ALRIGHT YOU WANNA BE FLYERS  its now on post your vote  its OK for everyone even the wheelchair mob to vote  if you like the video presented   go to the top of the page right hand side an click on the voting sign  an then do it  yep press kermits video  then press Vote, soooo easy  the SINKER will try bribery for your vote  the PREDATOR  will try to persuade you with love kindness  good will   I on the other hand know where you live  an I have my brick back …SAY NO MORE …AN LASTLY WE HAVE OUR FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT  hoppy  if you don’t give him your vote expect your computer to go BANG  so there ya have it  ……..BRIBE : KIDNESS: BRICK : BANG ….YOUR CHOICE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just sayn

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      Looks like Mr Kermit has done it again, well done Mr Frog, a great video.


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      Congratulations Kermit, well deserved.

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      FIRSTLY  I WOULD like to thank  my MUM for creating such a fantastic individual such as myself  SECOND top gun flight school for the video lessons  THIRD   To the ones who tried to obtain the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD   condolences  to you   may I recommend   TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOLS   (video section ) it  may help but I doubt it   LAST but not least  to the SINKER for not trying    SPECIAL THANK YOU the voters who put their pinkies to the voting page   YOU DID THE RIGHT THING

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      We’re back in Tassie and ready to fly little planes again – Sundays excepted.

      Brilliant videos one very scary and the other by Monsieur Kermit.  Chris’ video really capture the midnight fun.  I’m glad you, your boat, and more importantly, your wife survived the typhoon ok.  Our friends in Da Nang got a direct hit as well, but they didn’t have any serious damage either.

      During our last three weeks in the Bad Wunnenberg Germany we traveled around a little and found a a few of Kermit’s friends during our travels and he hit a few of the tourist spots as well but stayed out of sight.Kermit's home in Bad Wunnenberg





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      Nice to know you made it home ok.

      With the forecast weather I don’t think we will be flying this week but hopefully it will all improve soon.

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      Yes, Fingers crossed.  When we meet I can tell you all about flying on big planes these days.

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      Welcome back  dear boy  things have changed heaps since you left us  such as the sinker an I are best mates  yep you read that right best mates   we sat down an he apologised for his attacks on our yachts an promised never to do it again an I in turn have allowed him to  fly from the TOP GUN special field  at no cost as long as he is accompanied by his great great grand mom  there was an incident with a brick  imbedded in his lawn  that is still being investigated  (something HOPPY   suggested  )  I know nothing about  it    that’s about it  cobber  lookin forward to a good ol yack         loved the frogs

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      What a great welcome and to return to such peace an tranquility is just magnifique


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        And to top it all off Bro straightened your motor shaft while you were away gallivanting around Europe with Le Frog.

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      Now that is fantastic. All we need now is some flying weather 🙂

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      Just found this, thought it may be of interest to some, especially those involved in the “Phantom Brick Incident”

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      So now we know the truth of where the brick in my back yard came from.


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      no no no  Mr sinker dearest mate cobber  the video you can see  was made way back in 2020 as a test for lifting power from a drone I assure you dear sinker its just a coincidence  that a brick was found imbedded  into your lawn

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