Unaccustomed  as I am to replying to the sinker I feel I am obliged  to on this occasion   PREDATOR did in fact go to the BBQ area and found both BBQs occupied so we had our lunch down at the pontoon  as for filming the wheel chair mob it was only because all of us floaters were totally amazed that your lot were still on the water at 11 o’clock we figured that bingo had been cancelled an the homes van had forgot about you   LASTLY  the floaters had been thinking of asking your mob if they could wheel themselves up to the pontoon  we would teach them the finer arts of real sailing along with no rules rule (that is just fun )  if you could advise us when the ol fokes will be pushed up we will have the  saint johns emergency van ready and waiting for you (if needed )….don’t thank us we will just  rehire the one you have on site   REGARDS ….KERMIT LA FROG