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      The 1st of October & Summer and Christmas are both fast approaching.

      Unfortunately there was quite a bit of weed today but luckily for most of the day it was confined to the shallow edges so not causing too many problems.

      There was a good turn up with Dave & Georgie, Kermit, Pete, Chinaman Dave, Stuart & me + several visitors.

      There was quite a mixed bag of yachts also with Stuart and his RG 65, Georgie had Dave’s DF95, Kermit a Focus 2, I had the Wedgie IOM and that left Pete, Chinaman & Dave with DF65’s.

      A couple (including yours truly) ended up on Ron’s Reef but none the less everyone enjoyed the day with nice sunshine, no rain & just enough wind.

      Maybe some more tomorrow


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        I ENJOYED THAT ta pred

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      What a great day at the canal, high tide, sunshine, light winds with the only downer being the floating weed.

      This stayed close to the shore, so everyone got to play with their boats. A total of 12 boats on the water.

      After the boating we headed up to the end of the canal for our monthly barbecue with the “Bloaters”, but they didn’t show, we had the barbecue cleaned and warmed up ready for them.

      I suppose they might have been a bit intimidated by the large numbers of Marine Modellers in attendance, but we would welcome anyone (even Kermit)!

      Also, I noticed on Kermit’s video he was trying to film our boats more than the yachts (we know yachts are a bit boring). You are welcome to come down to our end anytime and film Kermit, we won’t stir you too much.

      My video,

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      Unaccustomed  as I am to replying to the sinker I feel I am obliged  to on this occasion   PREDATOR did in fact go to the BBQ area and found both BBQs occupied so we had our lunch down at the pontoon  as for filming the wheel chair mob it was only because all of us floaters were totally amazed that your lot were still on the water at 11 o’clock we figured that bingo had been cancelled an the homes van had forgot about you   LASTLY  the floaters had been thinking of asking your mob if they could wheel themselves up to the pontoon  we would teach them the finer arts of real sailing along with no rules rule (that is just fun )  if you could advise us when the ol fokes will be pushed up we will have the  saint johns emergency van ready and waiting for you (if needed )….don’t thank us we will just  rehire the one you have on site   REGARDS ….KERMIT LA FROG

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        Well done on your video MR SINKER at last a deceint video to pick apart

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      Just trying out the SplitScreen functionality of the Insta 360 ONE X2 camera. Something a little different.

      At least with only using one camera to record synchronising the video feeds is far far easier than with multiple cameras.

      This is only done in 1920 x 1080 but works just the same in 4K but takes forever to load onto the YouTube platform even with a 100mbs Direct Fibre connection.

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        Interesting result Mike, but I only have two eyes and trying to watch four videos at once just doesn’t work?

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      I ONLY GOT SEA SICK FOUR TIMES  PREDATOR   That’s three times faster than when I watched  the sinkers video

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      Lucky Last

      Thought I’d try a 360 degree view that the viewer can move around in.

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        Thats a bit better on the eyes.

        How long did YouTube take to process it?

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          It took around 75 minutes to upload but I did it last night & processing was all done this morning so not sure how long.

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      yep  I agree with the sinker  real neat   at the end I even scrolled over the side of the boat and DOWN and was watching mud grabs eating wheel chairs

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        You agreed with me???

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      well sink ol cobber thats what mates do

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