RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2023 Sunday Fly-In 26-03-2023 Reply To: Sunday Fly-In 26-03-2023


Phil, after rummaging through several “spare bits” boxes I found a control horn to fit your aileron servo so now all fixed & ready to fly again.

As discussed I also 3D printed some “Servo Savers” for your plane & put reinforcing tape on the hinges so you now just need to copy onto the other wing & your spare set.

I would normally glue the “Servo Savers” on but we may need to adjust your servo throws so its just taped on at present.

If you can’t find any clear “filament” tape locally, below is where I ordered my last lot from.

If you are out this way you can call in and pick your wing and other 3 “Servo Savers” up or else I’ll bring them next time we fly.