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Unfortunately the camera reverted to tickie wicki format  an its a pain I will fix or at least find out how to stop it  I think I know  why just have to test my theory. as for the buoys /girls  their floating pretty  an you say the sinker left early we all thought you have dismissed him as your sansei because he was with us for at least an hour or two  we also had the pleasure of having MR MOO back from the dreaded bug looking as always buggared  so we didn’t know if he still had it  capt pete was a star today …no other reason than he is  China was here also crashing bumping raming etc…. just because he can… love the kid   So that was it fantastic day with good weather …laughter  and sadness  why you ask   MOO was too crook to chase some male joggers   aw well there is next week ……………………..just sayn