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Now that the BumbleBee is all repaired it’s time to start on the AR Wing.

First off was to repair the motor as it was missing one of it’s power leads. This was a bit easier than I thought as the fly lead had simply pulled off the solder joint to the motor windings (this was the only bit I didn’t find after the crash) so a simple job of replacing the missing lead, soldering it back on & heatshrinking the joint.

Tested once complete and the motor & ESC are all OK. The GPS was also missing a lead but that had simply pulled from the connecting plug so another easy fix.  The Matek F411 WSE flight controller appears undamaged (apart from a couple of bent connector pins) so with all the electronics now checked it’s time to try and glue the body back together.

After removing the two wings (screw held) they were both a fairly easy fix in that one needed the fin complete glued on and the other 1/2 the fin.  Easy as the rest of the wings are virtually undamaged.

The main body section was another matter, it was broken into around 8 main pieces and several smaller bits. .

Even the top hatch was in 3 pieces. Just as well I picked up all the bits I could find at the crash site as luckily it seems that I have all the jigsaw pieces & it is all slowly going back together.

Now just to give it some time for all the contact adhesive to dry completely and then re assembly can start.