RC BOATING YACHTING DF65’s & DF95’s Rules – Tacking and Running boats. Reply To: Rules – Tacking and Running boats.


yep  quite a lot of rules you lads have  When we are  at the canal  a running boat  is  because the sinker is chasing us  with the intent of sinking us an then we have a possible cross over  at that stage he is beating us from starboard to port    This is not a rule of sailing, it is of course quite OK for the sinker running on starboard to demand right-of-way over a boat beating on port tack, but the important point I wish to make here is that the onus should be on the raming boat to make it quite clear what he is gunna do     like

” im going to sink you kermit ”

”   like hell you are  sinker ”

So our rules are less restricted and more flexible then puddle ducks    ” its a survival thing   ”      ……………just sayn

ps   whatcha  recon  shorty